wtorek, 16 sierpnia 2016


Broken seasons

She‘s a summer girl     bright   warm  young      ready for next stage
  She goes into the world between summer and autumn

She’s supposed to be a woman, wife and mother
 To protect those notions the received crown, dress and  heart shaped necklace

With her guardian     who might be her ratio, wild power       a shaman  guide
 She goes into a way to complete her life trip
                                                                                      To become a woman
                                                                                                 A wife      and   a mother

Throughout   the  Autumn into  Winter    and after that to the  Spring

Together they step into the sacred space- he knows it,  she doesn’t
    They run out with Autumn
        Before the Winter
                                                                 He knows the rules, she doesn’t

    This is new world for her, she wants to discover it, knows it

She’s supposed to be a woman, wife and mother

Her guardian wants to secure the way for her  but she doesn’t  obey him
 Different reasons    doesn’t work

She lost her crown, dress and heart shaped necklace

She cannot pass, she will stay forever in this sacred space, she will not see the Winter
The Winter won’t come for her
There won’t be Spring again

She cannot leave
She doesn’t have required  attributes that could protect her, help her to get out, disenchant the bond
She won’t be a woman, nor wife or mother
Winter will no longer be her concern,
 Spring will not come for her    forever she will be closed in the Autumn in preparation- that leads nowhere

She will stays between August and September on the bank of deep, cold water, forest tarn

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